1 Bowl Standing Sinks

Standing one compartment sinks are primarily used for larger hand washing and utility stations. Standing sinks are better in the back of the house where space isn't as much of an issue and where most of your dirtier work happens. Almost all our sinks are NSF certified.

CAFESINKS.COM: The Right NSF Sink at the Right Time

Why CafeSinks.com?
  • CafeSinks.com carries NSF certified sinks: NSF (National Sanitation Foundation); The Public Health and Safety Company™. This organization is "a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk-management for public health and safety (from the NSF website)". For you, this means that many health departments are looking for your sinks to be NSF certified in order to be used in your restaurant, cafe or coffee shop.
  • Cafe Sinks is customer friendly - You can expect from us quick follow up to your questions.
  • CafeSinks.com gets your orders out quickly. Most of the time your order will go out within 48 hours of your order. Many times, if you are in a hurry you can call before noon we can get it out the same day.
  • Cafe Sinks uses Fedex - On occasion, we use other companies for our shipping needs, but we primarily use FedEx ground because in many cases they can have it there within three days.
What Kind of Sinks Do We Carry?
    • Standing Sinks - Primarily used in the restaurant industry because of its size, however, cafes and coffee shops will have it in their back room to wash bigger dishes. For standing sinks, we only carry stainless steel.
    • Drop-in Sinks - We carry a nice selection of drop in sinks. Drop-in sinks are mainly used in the front area of a cafe, coffee shop, catering truck, cart, kiosk or bar. These sinks are rarely seen in a restaurant. They are great for washing small equipment. (drop-in, drop-in, drop in)
    • Wall Sinks - Wall sinks are mainly used in the back of the house for hand washing and utility sink. Contact us for a listing of wall sinks.

  • One Compartment Sinks - One compartment sinks are mainly used as hand sinks or utility sinks.
  • Two Compartment Sinks - Two compartment sinks are primarily used as utility sinks.
  • Three Compartment Sinks - NSF three-compartment sinks are some of the most popular sinks sold in the restaurant industry. It is used to wash, rinse, and sanitize your utensils and pots and pans.
  • Four Compartment sinks - Four compartment sinks are sometimes used in the substitution of a hand sink and a three compartment sink. Others use the fourth compartment to soak.
  • Hand Sinks - Are normally interchangeably with one compartment sinks and are used for hand washing.
  • Portable Sinks - Portable sinks are used where you don't have access to a water line and are usually self-contained with a pump and a heater.

Who Do You Sell To?

  • We mostly sell to the food and beverage industry like espresso carts, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and bars. However, on occasion, we will also sell to laboratories, colleges, RV repair shops, K-12 schools, and the military.
What Companies Do You Work With?
  • We work with SSP, Klinger, Moli International, Polarware and Monsam Enterprises to name a few.

Why Do You Only Sell NSF Sinks?

  • We believe in doing a few things well, instead of a lot of things poorly. In the future, we may sell other beverage equipment and products. We hope this attitude will keep you coming back. This business philosophy is also intended to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for without searching through thousands of unrelated products. NSF is the standard that most health departments go by in deciding whether to allow a particular sink in a restaurant, coffee shop or some other food establishment or kiosk.


For at least two generations the owners have worked and owned food-related businesses. Because we love coffee shops and restaurants Cafe Sinks is dedicated to helping you find all of your coffee shop and restaurant equipment, along with the information you will need to start and maintain your restaurant or coffee house. For this reason, we have partnered with a few different websites.

  1. Cafe Sinks (this site) is dedicated to finding the sink you need for your specifications. We specialize in selling small drop in sinks to coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, tea houses, restaurants, RV Repair businesses and mobile smoothie and espresso cart operations. Most of our business comes from cafes that are needing a small drop in three compartment sink or hand sink. However, we do have connections to find additional sinks not listed on this website.  Just contact us if you are looking for a specialized sink not listed. We have nearly 500 products listed with at least four different manufacturers. That said, we can probably find the sink you are looking for if not listed and get it for you at a competitive price. Along with our NSF drop-in sinks we also sell standing, corner and mop sinks. So whether its small cafe sink or the large stainless steel restaurant sink we can probably serve your needs.
  2. Cafe Table Tops or cafetabletops.com is a website we recommend that sells themed table tops that look great in virtually any cafe or restaurant. They have art tables, game tables, coffee shop themed tables and a variety of other types of other themed tables. They can also customize their themed table or give you the ability to design your own table from scratch. 
  3. Cafe Products and Cafe Top Sites are also websites we partner with. Those sites provide coffee shop resources to both coffee shop owners and cafe patrons.

You can find a list of partner sites in the cafe links section at the bottom of the page.