13X28 Three Compartment Kiosk/Bar Sink W Drain Boards - Black

    NSF #2 Style 13X28 Three Compartment Kiosk/Bar Sink W Drain Boards - Black.
    Drop In Sinks - Drop in sinks are primarily used for espresso bars, coffee carts, kiosks, vending carts and bars. Drop in sinks are used for small spaces where you only have small tools to submerge. For cleaning of larger pots and pans you will be better served to buy a standing sink.

    Three Compartment Sinks - Three compartment sinks are a big item you will need to open your coffee shop or restaurant. Almost all health departments require you to have a 3 basin sink if you are going to wash rinse and sanitize. Picking the sink will first depend on what your health department standards. Most of the time you will need to buy a sink big enough to be able to submerge your largest item 50% of the way down. For this reason you will see restaurants and coffee shops have a standing commissary sink in the back of the restaurant. Coffee shops may choose to have two three compartment sinks, one in the front near the bar area to clean their espresso tools and such and one in the back for items like pots and pans. Many health departments are now requiring hotdog carts and espresso carts to carry drop-in three compartment sinks. Almost all of our sinks are NSF approved which usually means it will be approved by the health department as long as you are abiding by the standards they have set.

    The three compartment drop in mini sink with drainboards is great for product stands and kiosks where you need a three compartment sink and where space is an issue and you need drainboards for heath department regulations. This unit is smaller than the mid size and is great where space is an issue. Dimensions are 13 1/4" wide by 28

    Molded in one piece from quality A.B.S. plastic
    Drain board size: 5 x 11 1/2"
    Drains and basket strainers included
    Faucet mount 4" o.c.
    Overall size 28" x 13 1/4"
    Sink bowl size: 5" x 9" x 4"
    Cut Out Size: 16 1/2" W x 9 1/4" L
    Low in Cost
    Easy to install
    Adheres to metal, wood &
    NSF Certified
    Faucet Purchased Separately, Click here for faucet section. Manufacturer recommends 4" Spout Model# E-PF-4
    Just cut one hole in shelf or countertop and apply glue to underside of integral rim - set in place

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